Dragons of Mugloar API

Create a program which:

  1. Fetches new game from game API
  2. Optionally fetches weather from "third party" weather API
  3. Solves the game by selectively distributing 20 points on a dragon stats
  4. Sends the response to solve API
  5. Logs down results somehow
  6. Repeat from step 1 specified amount of times

Task is considered acceptable when the application is reliably able to achieve battle success ratio above 60% (higher the better). Once you are done:

  1. Upload your accomplishment to version control
  2. Send the link to qentbaf3ovtonax.rh
  3. Wait for us to get back to you.

Start battle

GET http://www.dragonsofmugloar.com/api/game

Will return a game in JSON format

    "knight": {
        "name": "Sir. Russell Jones of Alberta",
        "attack": 2,
        "armor": 7,
        "agility": 3,
        "endurance": 8

Solve battle

PUT http://www.dragonsofmugloar.com/api/game/{gameid}/solution

PUT a message with an optional "Dragon" in the object to the specified URL. You must spread 20 points between all four stats.

    "dragon": {
        "scaleThickness": 10,
        "clawSharpness": 5,
        "wingStrength": 4,
        "fireBreath": 1

You will receive a message stating whether battle was successful or not, and if not then why not.


wnna.chyyrevgf3ovtonax.rr or Skype for help

aryr.fretrwrin3ovtonax.rr for more dragons

qentbaf3ovtonax.rh for a job